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Silhouette Cameo Tools: Your Must-Have List


When you’re first starting out with a Silhouette, it makes sense only to buy the basics you need. Once you know what kind of projects you’ll be using the machine to make, you’ll find it easier to choose from the many different Silhouette Cameo tools that you can buy.


Here is a list of my favorite Silhouette Cameo tools – the ones I use the most and even have extras of. Once you have these tools, you’ll be ready to handle most of the projects you might want to try using your Silhouette.


The Essentials


Tool Bundle


Whether you work with paper or vinyl, you won’t get far without a Silhouette Tool Bundle! They’ll help you to pull up extra material that you don’t need for your designs.


Silhouette Design Studio


This is probably the most essential tool there is for working with your Silhouette – buy different designs through the Silhouette store or design your own. You get access to Silhouette Design Studio just by purchasing your Silhouette machine.


Extra Blade and Mat



You might not need these if you don’t use your Silhouette all that often, but once you get started crafting with it all of the time, it’s a good idea to have a backup blade and mat.


(Side note: when you’re using a new mat, make sure to dab it with a clean cotton cloth first! This takes away some of the stickiness of the mat so it won’t ruin your vinyl or paper when you try to pull it up. Also, if you like to use glitter paper, an extra blade is essential – nothing wreaks havoc on a blade like glitter.)





Sketch Pens


These are great if you love scrapbooking, and also if you like to write on tags or make coloring pages.


Vinyl Bundles


You’ll find that you’ll primarily be using two types of vinyl with your Silhouette, transfer and permanent. Heat transfer vinyl is ideal for designs that you’ll use on clothing on fabric. For canvases and glass blocks, you’ll want to use permanent vinyl.


Sticker Paper


If you want to try a ‘print and cut’ project, you’ll need full sheets of sticker paper as well as plenty of ink in your printer.


Silhouette Transfer Paper


In my experience, regular contact paper isn’t nearly as good as Silhouette brand transfer paper. The Silhouette paper sticks much better to the vinyl, making it easy to place it on your project.


Scrapbook Paper Bundles


If you plan to use your Silhouette for scrapbooking, you’ll want to stock up on colorful and pretty paper! The best time to buy is when your favorite local or online craft store has a sale.

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