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The Supplies you REALLY Need After Buying a Cricut!

There is an endless amount of options when it comes to what you can do when you purchase a new Cricut. The excitement immediately hits as you realize all the fun supplies and materials you can purchase to make your crafting easier. However, it can become pretty overwhelming trying to understand what products will really benefit you and what products you can live without. Especially when it comes to money, buying all the different tools, mats, accessories, vinyl, and more can definitely add up. I decided to compile a list of some of the most important supplies you can buy for your machine:

VINYL – This is a great purchase if you make prints or stickers for mugs, windows, and tumblers. Some different options are:

● Basic Vinyl – Best if used indoors and aren’t exposed to any liquids! (Wall art and canvases for example)

● Outdoor Vinyl – Best for window art or anything that is expected to get wet.

● Glitter Vinyl – The basic option but with added glitter.

● Dry Erase Vinyl – Great option for labeling items!

● Chalkboard Vinyl – Can be used for labeling as well or making calendars even. ● Stencil Vinyl – Great when used painting handmade signs or printing on tee shirts.

● Holographic Vinyl – same as basic vinyl but with different colors depending on the angle you’re looking at

● Printable Vinyl – perfect for sticker making

Bundles are also a great option if you want a lot of items for a great price. Material Sampler Bundle comes with 24 sheets of cardstock, 6 sheets of vinyl, 1 roll of iron and 4 cutting mats!

ADHESIVE FOIL – Like vinyl but has an added shimmer to it. Might be harder to apply so if you’re new, try using basic vinyl before trying foil.

TRANSFER TAPE – Used for getting you vinyl from its backing onto your project. Use strong grip transfer tape when using the glitter vinyl.

IRON ON – Used to apply your work to shirts, bags, hats, and more!

● Iron On Lite

● Glitter Iron

● Holographic Iron On

● Foil Iron On

● Printable Iron On

Check out this Iron On Starter Kit if you want to try out a variety of iron on materials, it even comes with a weeder!

CARDSTOCK – Great for card making, gift tags, gift boxes, or even scrapbooking.

FAUX LEATHER – Used for creating jewelry, keychains, hair bows, and even cute baby moccasins.

FELT – Great for decors like ornaments, masks, headbands, or creative finger puppets.

WINDOW CLING – MOstly used for temporary projects like window, fridge, or appliance decor.


● Designer Fabric Samplers – for use with all sewing projects

● Quilt Kits

ACCESSORIES (Mats, Tools, Pens, Etc.)

Check out This Complete Starter Kit to get you started. Some add ons it comes with are deep cut blades, scoring stylus, pens, 3 pack of mats and window cling.

MATS – usually come in 12×12 and 12×24. It’s smart to have at least one of each size to have available for a wide variety of projects. It will also give you an idea for what kind of materials you’re going to cut each time.

● LightGrip (Blue) – for paper and cardstock projects

● StandardGrip (Green) – for vinyl and iron on

● StrongGrip (Purple) – for posterboard, thick cardstock and other thicker materials

● FabricGrip (Pink) – for fabric

PENS – Use for making cards or gifts!

TOOLS – These aren't the most necessary but they make the experience so much easier.

● Spatula – gets materials off the mat

● Scraper – helps apply transfer tape to vinyl

● Scissors

● Tweezers – help weed intricate details

● Weeder – makes removing excess vinyl SO much easier ***If you only get one tool this is the one to get

EXTRAS (BrightPad, EasyPress, Cuttlebug)

EASYPRESS – Portable, easy to use, this heat press is great if you’re planning to use a lot of iron on.

BRIGHTPAD – If you work in areas with low light or think you’ll be using a lot of glitters this will make your weeding so much easier.

CUTTLEBUG – Die cutter machine. Adds texture to different materials like cardstock, paper, party supplies and more.

STORAGE TOTES – Great for organization and the safekeeping of your supplies. ● Rolling Storage Tote – holds your cutting materials, tools. laptop, BrightPad, EasyPress, Cuttlebug and more!

● Machine Tote – holds your machine and cords

● Shoulder Bag – holds your laptop, can also hold BrightPad, cardstock, vinyl and more

There are so many fun options to consider once you’ve bought your new Cricut. Comment below and let me know what you’ve found useful!

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  • Posted on by Sharon Davis

    Thanks very much for putting this list together. And, In my Oprah Winfrey voice: Your Designs are BEAUTIFUL!!!! I can’t wait to create! Thank you!

  • Posted on by Alan Saluck

    Thank you Thank you!….Your list helped me so much!! :-)

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