Inks You Should Use With Transfer Paper

Using transfer paper gives you the ability to print images and text on most fabrics and other surfaces using an inkjet printer. It comes in sizes A4 and A3. The transfer paper inkjet is designed to use with regular inkjet printers, however, many ask which type of ink should be used and that usually creates a lot of confusion for users.

Most of the different types of Inkjet printers and inks would work well with typical transfer paper. You won't need to change or modify your printer in any way to use the transfer paper. It will work fine if you already have access to an inkjet printer at home.

However, the secret to the entire process of transfer lies in the paper rather than the ink because there is no preference as to which printer or ink you need to use. If the process gets done correctly your finished product will be washable and durable. The pack you buy will come with in-depth instructions to make sure everything gets done right.

You can also use compatible or original and the result will still come out close to how it would normally come out. Since the shirt will not be a flat or shiny surface the image resolution is not as important and any ink system will still give you great results. There is also a benefit in using pigmented inks rather than dye when considering the UV stability of the image in sunlight. However, there is no real significance to using one over the other.


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Greetings and thank you for your art vibes . She's sassy and looking good ,once again thanks for your vibe. Anyone who reads this just pick up and support this artist you wont be let down.

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Going to make a T-shirt for my niece. She’s a very Confident young lady and this perfect for her.


I am so happy to have found art that reflects me as a black woman. I needed art for a PowerPoint and this was the best place to find all the artwork I needed. I will definitely get more in the future!